The basic needs for human existence- what are the minimum requirements?

To identify basic human needs or the minimum required for human existence in a society is not simple. It depends on many factors, like the resources in a society and its infrastructure. Example: In a country with a well developed public transportation, a car will not be considered as a need for existence.

  1. Housing: Every human being should have the right to a home.  The size will depend on where you live. In a big city an apartment will most likely be your home. I believe it’s a human right, to own a home instead of paying money to an owner, particular in countries like USA where the equity in the house is part of your retirement funds. Besides, why should you pay rent instead of owning your home when the mortgage and the rent amount probably are the same?  During part of your life you will choose to rent because you do not plan to stay at the same place for long, and you need the freedom to be able to move. You might even choose this lifestyle for your entire life.
  2. Transportation: You will need to have to get to work and pick up kids from school and day care center. If you live in a city you might not need a car. If you live in areas where there isn’t any public transportation you need a car.
  3. Healthy food: You are part of a group called consumers and corporations want your money on something they can produce cheap. They don’t care about nutrition or your health; they care about your money.  Healthy food has become expensive; however you need it for survival.
  4. Income from a job:  It’s a human right to have a job, and to work in a healthy environment. Every society needs a security net for unemployed during times of change on the labor market. Everyone needs an income for survival.
  5. Healthcare and medication:  Its crucial to keep the population healthy.
  6. Education
  7. Retirement funds- collected by the government: To secure the living condition for the elderly.


What happens if there aren’t any guidelines for human rights on the basic needs in a society?

  1. A  government and a society that don’t take responsibility for making sure the population in a nation is protected from greed and disasters do not care about people; First of all the society has already created the rules by not have any set of guidelines; saying that the most ruthless and greedy have the option do to whatever they want, and in times of disaster there are no help, you are on your own.  It’s the same as letting out disturbed and violent people from the prison and not protecting the people from being killed ; A country without morals, values and empathy has been created.
  2. Fight for survivals: The main concern and energy in a society like this, is directed toward security and survival. This means that there isn’t room for people being creative, guide and help others, engage in what’s valuable for humans to thrive and being alive. Fear is the main source and when it’s feeding into the society; people are scared and feel unprotected.
  3. Stagnation: When the energy of creating has ended, there will not be created new jobs, art or solutions to problems, the economy will suffer more and so will the people.
  4. Unhappiness: The lack of happiness and hope gives room for all types of negative emotions and negative experiences, like stress in the family, divorce and children acting out. More crimes and use of drugs among adults and teenagers. Unhealthy environments at work and people fighting to keep their jobs and unethical people find ways to be the winner in this game.  Unhappiness might give health problems, creating more stress without health insurance.
  5. Lack of funds for education and lack of time to be informed, creates a dumb and dull population.


Humanism will affirm life rather than deny it, seek to elicit the possibilities of life, not flee from it, and endeavor to establish the conditions of satisfactory life for all, not merely for the few.
Humanist Manifesto, 1933 



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    You say that every human has a right to have these things, but doesn’t it make sense that people should be hired according to their ability, and not their need? You’re rewarding inability here. It’s very dangerous to do so. You’re feeding people that can’t feed themselves, and that’s not the way to fix them.

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    U forgot sex…
    sex is also a basic requirement…

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