Who are the greedy CEO’s?

Isn’t it strange that when a hungry person steal something from the local store – it’s a crime -   but when CEOs empty the company accounts ; basically takes your profit from a investment you made, crushing the life out of a company – and taking away the  source of income from the employee, nobody reacts?  And there aren’t any police car pulling up to handcuff the thief?

Why people allow this - it’s something I will never understand. The CEOs of USA reminds me of the greedy kingdoms of Europe during the Middle Ages when they took everything they could from poor people to continue their selfish lifestyle while watching people being homeless and starve because of their greed. At least those kingdoms offered the people an army and protection from other greedy kingdoms. Those CEOs doesn’t even give you protection from other greedy companies, instead they trade your information.

Who are they?

Most of them have a business and/or economic degree and some experience with the companies product or service. They need to have some knowledge about the company’s product to be able to sell its reputation.

Don’t many people have the same background?

Yes, many people have similar education and skills, and everyone will have experience at some point in their life, since it comes with aging. What gives this group the power to empty the account?

1.    They belong to a club/group that knows other CEOs, this makes them very valuable for  a company (that’s what they believe) because this connection will lead to major contracts.

2.    By being part of this group, they know the CEOs of the major banks and maybe senators in the congress. Some companies believe they will be in trouble without this tie.

3.   By researching the background of the CEOs in the banking system, I learned that many of them only had a bachelor degree in business or finances. They do not have enough indepth education to understand the effect their action has at a country and the world.

4.   Many seem to be immature beings showing traits like greed and selfishness, they don’t seem to have the capacity or the will to look at the broader picture in a society.

5.    Some are very good at manipulating; claiming they got a better job offer in another company, offering a better salary.

6.    A personality of being very social with other and are always invited to the major events. This creates the illusion that the world considers them as valuable and therefore the company should do as well. (In reality they might be invited to major events because they are a CEO)

7.    Some of them are sociopaths;  scaring and manipulate everyone around them by playing games.

Shouldn’t the Board know better?

Yes, but as we have seen, they don’t and therefore it’s the population of a nation that have to take action and its simple; don’t invest your money in a company that has greedy CEOs and a board that are clueless or play the same games. Only invest in companies where the leaders have the integrity to care about the employees and want the investors to share the profit. It takes two to tango and you don’t have to be in this dance- and your awareness will end this madness.

Greed is a fat demon with a small mouth and whatever you feed it is never enough”
Janwillem van de Wetering
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  2. randol says:

    good point makes alot of sense.

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